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Ayurvedic Constitution
According to Ayurveda, treatment and prevention of illnesses must be coordinated with our unique body type or Ayurveduc constitution.  The language of Ayurveda is the language of nature therefore its classification uses terms which we can easily imagine and experience.
So there are 3 basic types:
Air (Vata in Sanscrit)
Fire(Pitta in Sanscrit)
Water (Kapha in Sanskrit)
Each of us belongs to one of more types.  Sometimes there are mixed constitutions, such as Vata-Pitta or Pitta -Kapha.

Vata (Air) are usually thin, active, with sharp or even clean cut facial features.  They  don't have enough endurance
However, in projects where creative approach, diversity and enthusiasm are needed, they are incomparable.
When they are out of balance, they frequently experience nervous problems, along with problem with bones, intestines, loss weight and insomnia.  In a state of stress they frequently experience fear and anxiety.  They can be late, they can lose things, frequently change their mind, there is a saying? 7 Fridays on a week? about them.
Vata type can be influenced by many different gunas and therefore their characteristics may vary.
Vata type in the mode of goodness (Sattva) - energetic, flexible, easily grasp new materials, communicative, truly, enthusiastic.  They have healing abilities, they are democratic and emphatic, they have a broad view and a strong feeling of unity with people.
Vata in the mode  of passion (Rajas) - unreliable, indecisive, chaotic, noisy, very talkative, superficial, there is a saying "Goes in one ear and leaves through another".
People in the mode of  ignorance (Tamas) could be dishonest, secretive, inclined to betray and let other people down.  They are full of fear that can be hidden in putting others on a pedestal.  They have a tendency towards depression, suicide, sexual perversion.  More detailed information about gunas of material nature can be read in Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 17).  Chatanya Chandra  Charan prabhu, Dr. Torsunov also have good lectures covering this topic.

Pitta (Fire) is normally of a athletic body shape, average weight.  They are decisive with strong leadership qualities.  They are good practical organizers; they have a tendency to dominate.  Their speech is usually very clear, concise and logical.  When they are out of balance it shows as skin rash, redness, illnesses of liver and blood, as well as inflammations of different types.  In addition they have a tendency to be easily angered and irritated.  These people have a desire to organize everybody.   They will try to persuade you to do something out of desire to do everything right.
One of the signs of Pita's misbalance is their black and white, categorical thinking.
Pitta type as everyone in this world can be influenced by different gunas and therefore their characteristics vary.
Pitta type in the mode of goodness (Sattva)  - warm hearted, friendly, are able to lead others, well organized, they have a strong willpower and ability to think clearly.  They have healthy self-confidence.
Pitta in the mode of of passion ( Rajas) - willful, ambitious, aggressive, easy become angry, trying to manipulate and control others.
Pitta type in the mode of  ignorance (Tamas) - revengeful, full of hate, inclined to be bullies, destroy everything which interferes with accomplishing their desires.

Kapha (Water) - people of this type are usually heavily built.  Stability and dependability are imbued in them.  They as a rule are people of habit.  They are attached to values that they consider right and to relationships with people whom they consider to be close to.  When out of balance they can be overweight, have difficulties with metabolism, slow metabolism, excess of mucus in their body which frequently brings illness of lungs and intestines, as well as swelling.
Excess of Kapha makes them sentimental and needy.  They can be lazy and spend hours on a couch.  They have a difficulty parting with unnecessary things and dead relationships.  would have gone to Ayurvedic doctor I have no doubt he would have been diagnosed with excess of Kapha.
(Plushkin is a character from a famous Russian novel ? Dead Souls by N.V. Gogol).   He is characterized by being stingy and lazy
Kapha type as well as all of us in this world can be influenced by different gunas and therefore different characteristics may vary.
Kapha in  the mode of goodness (Sattva) - peaceful, always content, patient, loyal and very loving, dependable and stable.  They will always support you, feed you, give you water and forgive you and your imperfections.  They are notorious for having a strong faith and loyalty.
Kapha type in the mode of passion (Rajas) - materialistic, inclined to be greedy, to hoard things, and to aim for comfort and security, very needy and sentimental. 
Kapha type in the mode of ignorance (Tamas) - lazy, indecisive, apathetic, rude, rough, unempathetic, have a tendency towards stealing.
This article was  translated by Sofia Ianovskya (www.quadrant3.myarbonne.com)