What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is translated as science of Life. It is not only divine healing system that is based on constitutional approach, but it is a system that teaches us about right lifestyle promoting our health. Ayurvedic remedies are natural and non-invasive which include: food, herbs, colors, essential oils, massage and etc.
The uniqueness of this healing is based on your individual constitution, which are called Vata (Air), Pitta(Fire) and Kapha(Water).As the cause of all diseases is in the mind, Ayurveda heals mind and body together.

Vedic Way
Ayurveda is translated as a science of the healthy way of life.  As other Vedic sciences it has been passed to sages by God with the aim of giving people knowledge how to live without illnesses and in harmony with forces of nature.   In comparison to the modern medicine its basic task is preventing illness vs. treating it when it occurs.  The other goal is to harmonize human body so it defends itself against illnesses.  In addition, its goal is not simply teaching a person how to be healthy, but also teaching a person how to be happy.  Since happiness is the core of healthy soul, Ayurveda views roots of most illnesses in psyche, therefore treatment of any problem is interconnected with impact of thoughts and emotions.
Dhavantari is a God of healing.  Ayurvedic healing remedies are natural and gentle: food, herbs, stones, colors, oils, massage, etc. and most importantly your lifestyle and your thoughts.  As of today's newsletter I will be familiarizing you with some Ayurvedic principles, which you will be able to incorporate in your everyday life in order to harmonize your health.  Of course in case of life threatening illnesses I strongly suggest to contact an Ayurvedic doctor who can examine and observe you for a long time.  In addition, if we are talking about unknown and unclear Karmic illnesses, common Auyrvedic tools may not be helpful and therefore it is better to seek help of Vedic astrologist so he can recommend special remedial measures called "upayas".  Nonetheless, the advice I want to share with you further will be useful for healthy and ill because the goal is to harmonize your health.

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Vedic Way
Vedic Way
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