Services offered Natal Chart Reading
One-hour comprehensive reading of your natal chart based on your time, date and place  of birth. It includes evaluation of different aspects of life including:your psychology, health,relationships,career, spiritual path and many others. Prediction of trends for the next few years and prescribing remedial measures.

Ayurvedic Consultation
Evaluation of your unique constitutional type. Recommendations of healing life style suitable for your constitution and and condition. Prescribing appropriate diet, herbal remedies,colors,gems,essential oils or incenses for your individual conditions. Follow-up consultation This session covers up issues that need more clarification and depth from Natal Chart Reading and Ayurvedic Consultation.

Yearly Chart Service
Predictions and trends and events for a 12 month period based on planetary cycles and transits. Give advice on where to better invest your energy during this period and where to be careful. Relationship Chart A comparison of natal charts of two individuals to see compatibility on different levels and dynamics of development. Useful for marriage and business relationship, for friendship and family relationships.

Choosing the most auspicious time to begin an activity such as marriage,business,study, purchase of house, travel, moving, medical treatment and other important activities.

Answering a particular question. For example: should I buy house, car, business and etc. Should I marry this person? Should I move to another location? Should I begin this project? And etc.

Follow up consultation
This consultation helps to deepen and clarify information, received during  Natal Chart  consultation.
60 min

or 30 min

Birth time rectification
This service helps to rectify your time of birth if it is not clear or precise.
Your time can be rectified up to 4 hours.

Lectures and seminars

Please note that the aim of the consultation is to provide spiritual counseling and does not intend to substitute medical, legal, financial or other professional advice. The client bears full responsibility for any actions resulting from their interpretation of the consultation.
The client is responsible for providing accurate information, including time, place and date of birth.
The client understands that the predictions are not 100% guaranteed due to the Law of Karma, which states that our good and/or bad actions can affect the outcome of events in our destiny.

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